Author: Nick

Life and all its glorious distractions

Tell me if you’ve seen this pattern before. Some blogger, content creator or ethereal internet presence has some platform where they post things for a bit and then evaporate. Time passes and they come back briefly. They claim that life things happened and vow that production will kick back up. If you’re lucky, they may […]

Don’t fear the math

ML can be intimidating when you first check out some online courses or do something gonzo like try to read a white paper. None are shy about flashing mathematical formulas and functions. It’s easy to allow your eyes to go out of focus, ignore what they scan and trust that the magic ML gnomes will […]

What’s on ye old plate

I’ve got a lot of stuff cooking. I’m chasing a bunch of interests and my own professional improvement. To name a few, Building up this website Getting back into blogging Completing the NLP specialization Reading Practical Statistics for Data Scientists RAISING A NEWBORN CHILD On that last point, my wife recently gave birth to our […]

Data Sciencing: The Journey Begins

In recent months, I’ve taken a massive interest in doing some machine learning which is turning me on to the whole world of data science. Not for the typical, “ML, so fashionable” reasons. I have an actual use case I want to solve at work. Great, so I wanna learn some cool ML tricks to […]