Life and all its glorious distractions

Tell me if you’ve seen this pattern before. Some blogger, content creator or ethereal internet presence has some platform where they post things for a bit and then evaporate. Time passes and they come back briefly. They claim that life things happened and vow that production will kick back up. If you’re lucky, they may post once or twice more before returning to the void from whence they came.

I had a baby this year. She’s wonderful. But she has also been feeding directly off of my life force. She’s almost a year old and she’s only now beginning to sleep the night (sorta). I’ve been in full-on survival mode, trying to keep my head above water. LIFE THINGS HAPPENED.

The purpose of this blog was for me to kick-start my data science learnings. That happened to a degree but, eventually, I had to throw some things overboard to keep the plane in flight. I’m circling back and, while I still have a deep interest in data science, I have many other interests I’d like to share and it’d be a shame not.

For example, in the last couple months, I bought myself a Raspberry Pi and found that it’s an absolute beast for becoming an emulation machine. That’s led me to spend all sorts of time geeking out on it, overclocking it, buying heatsinks and fans to overclock it. Modding and overclocking PCs used to be my favorite thing to do on the planet.

So, my future readers, accept my proclamation of production increase. I give it to you with the best of intentions. If you see nothing else from me, well, shit.